Why Train with Gabrielle?

You can study with the best teachers in the world if you are lucky. Most are not, as good teachers are rare. That gives you one hour a week  with a vocal coach then you are alone to figure out how to put the vocal puzzle together. Hours, months, and years of frustrating practice regardless of how talented you are. I know how that feels. I have worked with the finest and the worst. I have a degree in piano, a degree in voice, a Masters in voice, have worked all over the world with some of the best teachers and have struggled and worked very hard with an undying passion to sing to the best of my abilities and to convey my knowledge to others. 

Under my guidance, my students will get three one hour sessions a week. Get one on one instruction and follow it up twice a week with voice yoga. A course specifically designed by me to open reinforce and bring deeper awareness to the voice. I am a certified yoga teacher and a ten year yoga practitioner and I have created a unique session devoted to vocal body technique. My students  will get very specific one on one vocal training focusing on repertoire, personalized instruction for specific challenges the student faces, and group voice yoga sessions which reinforces what the student has learned during private training plus learning how to blend and sing with others. I am searching for serious students who can commit to three hours a week of their time. All of this for just $75, you get three hours a week! The trick is, you have to commit. You must do at least two hours a week of training.