Voice Yoga

Calling all Singers, Musicians, and Stage Performers in Richmond, VA!

Improve your performance, body support, and ensemble skills through Voice Yoga. Classes led by vocal coach and certified yoga instructor, Gabrielle Maes. No Yoga Experience Necessary!

This unique class is developed specifically for singers, musicians and stage performers.  As our vocal instrument ages and develops, problems can arise from inability to understand which muscles need to be consistently toned and what parts of our body need to maintain or increase flexibility. This can lead to wide vibrato, throat irritation, and reoccurring muscle tension.  

Learn how to:

  • Support breath effectively to determine your sound

  • Develop an intimate understanding of your body hence your instrument through focusing on resonance through different regions of the body
  • Strengthen, lengthen, release, and support your body and internal structure to keep the instrument healthy
  • Hone listening skills required for ensemble singing through learning how to blend your voice with a group with unison tonality and harmonics

  • Vocalize to open the voice

  • Create a healthy vocal warm-up

The class is beneficial for performers and instrumentalists who want to learn to release specific muscles and use proper alignment and posture when playing and performing. Yoga can relieve strain from muscle tension, tendonitis, back pain, etc.

Gabrielle is excited to bring Voice Yoga to the community and to her students. Read below Gabrielle's own experience with Voice Yoga.

I could always sing well, but my voice really started to change when I became a yoga practitioner and started to incorporate vocalizes with postures getting a really deep visceral understanding of how my body worked in relationship to my voice. 
There's nothing more magical having amazing technique. 
It brings music to life when you can stand on a Stage and know your breath is open and detached from fear, your instrument is flexible, and strong, and healthy, you can shape and play with the phrasing anyway you want, you can move with great ease from a forte to a pianissimo, and your vowels are pure and seductive. 
Wow, what a feeling! You can have it too.  ~ Gabrielle

Voice Yoga classes are open to the public every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Drop-ins are welcome. Contact Gabrielle if you need special accommodations. No Class on 11/11 or 11/18.

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