Discover the Beauty of Your Own Voice

 I was a heavy smoker and couldn’t sing at all when I took my first voice lesson. 

 But it ignited a spark in me. Despite extreme poverty and a challenging childhood, that first lesson resulted in an undergrad, then Masters and a determination to Seek out the best voice teachers the world had to offer.  I have Performed in ten countries. In the forbidden city of Beijing for the Emperors nephew, In Singapore with world renowned performers, In Alsace France to packed concert halls.  From voice over work to opera, to musical theatre. To jazz.  I am an award -winning actor, writer and singer.  But the most important of all was learning to hold myself with command and forming lasting relationships with people the world over.

I love humanity.  And my greatest wish is to share my love and knowledge of the art of singing to our future generation. Making that journey as exciting for others as it has been and continues to be for myself.  Whether you are 80 or 18. Pro or novice. Remember. There is only one you and the greatest and most powerful instrument of all is you. I would be be so honored to take that journey with you.